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Will not print

will not allow to print. Blocks from printing…stating i must purchase the upgrade…. or “restore purchase” … and it never works.

help a lot

It make work efficient,and run stability,can not appear some problem when we use.

Don’t upgrade

It won’t export files in other format even though it says so for upgrade. Default font unchangeable, no template available nor user template savable.

Best word processor

Although I have used a lot of Word products before, after using it for a while, I will find it very unstable. There will always be some minor problems, resulting in some documents not being saved yet, wasting our time. Now with this word, I have never encountered such a situation.

Incredibly Bad Software, and Nonexistent Customer Support

I have been using Macs since the original was introduced. Needless to say, I have used many, many associated software programs, I am sorry to say that Document Writer is the single worst of any that I have used. When I first abandonded MS Word a few months ago, I decided to try DW as a basic alternative. I am using OS 10.11.6, and found that there were a number of aspects of the software that I did not like. Little did I know that things would get far worse, and quickly. I made the mistake of installing the next to last update as soon as it came out. That is not something that I ever do with OS, but I could never have imagined that a simple word processing program could become such a nightmare after having been “updated”. I was suddenly thrust into this awful environment in which there was an intrusive pdf=style side panel, with no appent way to get rid of, and page numbers, again, with no way to eliminate in the preferences. Worse yet, the program was suddenly unable to open earlier MS Word documents, creating further problems. Another of the countless new “bugs” was that when one was working on a document, opening a new one atomatically deleted the one in progress. Brilliant! As I was about to choose a different program, just a couple of a days ago, I say that another update had been released, that purportadly “fixed bugs”. As if some great poet were at work, the fresh update completely prevented the progran from opening ANY documents, including those that had been created by its predecessor. For the sake of relative brevity, I not going to bother to list some of the other, incredibly frustrating issues that I encountered. However, I will mention that I sent several emails to the purported SUPPORT link, and never received a single answer. Two final notes: First, I am well aware of the fact that others using the program on different, and/or earlier OS may have had better experiences. Nevertheless, I warn ALL prospective users to find an alternative, as this is a mind-blowingly bad program on a recent OS, and that should be enough of a warning. Secondly, I have trashed the awful DW program and downloaded LibreOffice, which is also free. It is excellent, and LIGHT YEARS better than DW. Good luck to all.

Writer vs. 163 Application

The application, Writer vs. 163 was updated today, 08.29.18 via the appStore and now it crashes when opening and closing files. It was fine and stable before this latest update.


Honestly its a smooth app. A cheaper and easier alternative to Microsofts word for Mac. My only Problem is no Auto Save. I was up late typing up a project then my mac battery died. Now from years of experience i know to always save but this time i forgot. Turned my MAC back and and no trace of all the work i had completed. Come on man. auto save should be a basic feature. Would i recommend it for someone else to use. maybe only for is smooth and familiar look to microsoft word. But the trouble of saving everytime is not worth it. Until they implement auto save try POLARIS

RIpoff app

In the app store they say this app s free but soon as you download it you have to pay $15 before you can even open it. I don’t like the shady tactics and would rather use an app thats upfront about the cost.

Have their own characteristics

Compared with other Word products, this app has its own characteristics. We all know that this app can operate word documents, pdf documents, and in the process of processing documents, the functions of the two are independent of each other. Worried about dysfunction, the translation function is added to the function of processing the word document, so that when the document being processed is a language we are not familiar with, we can use the translation function to process, which is convenient for us to read and operate.


Firstly, I’d like to point out that you can’t edit or even open PDFs without purchasing. Now, I dont mind purchasing an app that will be very useful to me. IMO $15 isnt a bad price at all. So I upgrade to the premium and what did I get? Nothing, same app. Still keeps prompting me to upgrade after trying to access the upgraded content. The funds have been taken out of my account and I have nothing to show for it but a watered down word app. I should have looked at the critical reviews before purchasing. ENjoy your free content if you just need to write some papers, but DO NOT PURCHASE!!! Now Im off to paypal to dispute this bs.

Perfect work assistant

This little application is the work assistant I have been looking for. It not only helps us to process word documents, but also can process PDF documents. Until now, I have not encountered any problems that affect my use. It has various kinds of All kinds of functions, let us process the documents, and we can use this application for free, unlike other apps, we still need to pay to use. With this application, it brings a lot of convenience to my work.

The price is very suitable

I am very satisfied with the ability to subscribe to this app at this price. After all, when we use some products from Microsoft, we need to pay more, and this app can handle word, PDF documents, equivalent. I spent the same price, but I was able to enjoy double the service, and there was no problem with this app running. I was very satisfied with the documentation.

good product for me

Compared with other word products,this app adds some functions for processing pdf document,when we receive the pdf document,we don’t have to go to the app store to download the software,this app can help us at this point.

This one extremely helpful.

This app has given me the ease of use I needed, as well as provided all the basic tools you require from word. It also work on the PDF, I'm so surprised at this. In the beginning, I just think this one is just word document app. But it's more powerful than I thought. It's a good one for me to use.

App says free but it is not

i dont care to buy the app BUT I HAVE TO TRY IT. Don’t wast your time this is not free you got to pay upfront before even you try it …

I need it.

I started thinking that this is a normal word APP, which can also be used as a PDF software. And it is very simple to use. I think this app can help me very well, so I am now almost completely dependent on it to work. I also feel very good. Ability to use word and be able to use PDF.

free to download but gotta pay to open it????

$14.99?? way to rip people off

Paid 14.99 for the Premium Upgrade and no changes.

I upgraded to the premium feature, but nothing changed. Specifically upgraded for the PDF features, but nowhere to be found. Not sure how to even get a refund.

It helped me a lot.

As a office worker, this one is the best choice for me. I can use it to do my work. I can use it to solve my all work files. This is alos the big reason I use it on my Mac. And also there are many powerful functions will appear when you use it. That will find a lot of new features when you are using.

Not a free app

$15 app, maybe idiot developers should mention that

Very good one.

I have been using this app for a few months now and love it. I like to think that I am qualified to review this app. As a worker for many documents, this one is a good choice to write for microsoft word, also for PDF. It's powerful than you thought. You guys should try this one.

Very professional.

This is still very easy to use, I downloaded a lot of similar apps, but the effect is not very good. This is one that I think is not bad. And I think its function has exceeded my imagination and can solve my PDF problem very well. It’s great, I’ve upgraded to Pro now.

very novel

I have never used such an app,i downloaded pdf, word,excel,because of the work later,i found that there are very few tools,i really want to uninstall, but i will not use it later,then my friends recommended this app to me, really open the door to my new word,this app can handle word document and can also process pdf document, which is equivalent to combining the function of the two,but in nothing encountered with the above,it has been running smoothly.

Perfect app.

It turns out that this app not only has the basic functions of word, but also the function of PDF. This is completely perfect, what I want is such an app. Because I have a lot of PDF literature, but I have to use it in the word, all this APP just helps me solve this problem very well. I am almost finished my work now.


I just thought that this app is just a software about word, but after using it, I found that its function is much stronger than I thought. I feel that this app is very suitable for my requirements and can help me well in my study. I now decide to continue using it in the future. I will always use it

caught my eye

this app has brought a lot of convenience to my study life,it not only allows me to operate the word document,but also allows me to operate the pdf document,when i work,i don’t need to download other app to help me with this behavior,ecpecially when working with word document, sometimes word document are the language of other countries,so i can use the translation function of this app to translate these document without i need to complete this process with other translation software, which is very convenient for my office,i really like it.

a very strange experience

i have never used such an app,i can deal with word document as well as pdf document, it is equivalent to combining the two together,and there is no conflict ib their use,which affects my use,the app is very easy to use, when we want to process word documents,we only need to choose to open the word filet this time.the page displays the attributes of the word document, line spacing, font,spacing,etc,when we process pdf documents,we will show the attributes of anchors, bookmarks,notes,etc,which will bring a very different experience.

I’m in total amazement!

I just starting using this app and I LOVE it!!!! I’m one of those people that used to use MS Word. Unfortunately, like all Adobe products, Microsoft took away the access to the already purchased software and left you digging in your wallet. Sorry Microsoft, I can’t keep forking money over to you, over and over. They think they have monopolized their stuff and we can’t live without it. Wow, are they SO wrong. I think, the only thing worth it’s weight in gold is the MacBook Pro. Thank you, Apple. I love my Mac. It may cost more, but are you looking for quality? For a computer, absolutely! See, after using Windows for so many years, you start hating Microsoft, anyway. Then, you buy a Mac and it’s like, why was I using that Microsoft garbage when it is SO inferior to a Mac, right people? Yes, we do live in a Capitalist society (in America). But we are Americans that also like to spend our money wisely. It’s about economizing. No Amazon, I will not purchase your Amazon Prime, lol! I think Amazon is trying to be on the top of the Capitalistic mountain. Guess where I don’t shop anymore. See, being greedy just ain’t gonna get it! Sorry Adobe, I like your stuff, but why update every year and ask for several hundreds of dollars, AGAIN? Then, all that software you bought is gone because they “no longer support it?” Say What? DId you know there are alternatives to Photoshop, too? I don’t write very many reviews on apps unless they truly deserve it (5 stars). Some apps I try, then they are just OK. But I just end up uninstalling them sooner or later. Big deal. I will probably upgrade this ap to the pro version, but it works great, as is. Thank you!!!

Once I upgraded it won’t open

I just paid $14.99 for this and now it’s not opening. I tried to restart my computer and nothing shows up when I click on it. Very frustrating and I don’t see where I can contact someone to help..

You will like it very much

We usually think of a lot of things when we subscribe to the APP. It is particularly important that we use practical value. After all, we spend money. When using the APP, I realized that the app is still quite good. This app is equivalent to the sum of several other apps. It allows us to process word documents, but also allows us to process pdf documents, and in the process of operation, It will not cause unusable consequences due to systemic reasons. It will allow us to quickly process documents.

Document Writer is a powerful app.

Wow, it's really a good tool. It can give me a complete file managing system that allows me to edit my PDFs to my specification. I think it is designed to make writing convenient, efficient and comfortable. It's really a powerful app that can do a good work about my documents, like pdf, .rtf, .doc, .txt and more. I like using it.

Especially easy to use

This APP has a lot of its own unique attributes in the operation of word and pdf documents, for example, in the operation of the word document, adding a translation function, assuming we receive a file in other languages, we can use the word document above The translation function, instead of using other translation software, adds some tags to the pdf document, allowing us to mark some paragraphs and words for our next reading. I also recommend this app to my friends. They all feel very good.

It's really amazing

This APP allows us to operate word documents and pdf documents. The general APP does not have such a function. Using this APP can solve many problems in the work. It also does not need to download other APPs to operate and process pdf documents. At the time, we can add a lot of attributes to the pdf document, such as adding tags, anchoring, taking notes, drawing, etc., so that we can read the document for the next time.

Free app?

If this app is free, with in app purchases, why can’t I access the app to try it out before paying for it? Only 1 star rating, because I can’t access the app.

Easy to use

It gets the job done and is easy to use.

Great experience

We often use Word products provided by microsoft to solve some documents in life, but using Microsoft documents, we need to pay a certain amount of money. There is also an uncertain factor when Word documents are used in more documents. The system is very Unstable, chaos will occur. But since the use of this app, I have discovered that everything has become clear, I can use some of the free styles provided by this APP, and in the process of operation, there has never been any failure, affecting the normal use of the APP , I like to use this APP to process documents because it allows me to solve the problems in my work more efficiently. You can try it out and I believe you will like it too.

Very good tool

I used to rely on Microsoft's tools, but one day when I opened the APP, the APP suddenly stopped working. I was very frustrated. In order to handle the work, I had to download this app on the APP store. After using it, I found this one. APP can be comparable to Microsoft-designed products, and this APP provides a lot of free style, enough for me to complete the daily work, and in my use of the APP for some time, APP has never had any problems, affecting my use, has been It's a good job for me to finish my job. I trust this app.

No one can replace it

The word app is one of the apps we use most often in daily life. When we are in school, we will write reports, graduation projects, and so on. We all need a good word product. In our work, work plans, monthly summaries, etc., we can't miss the word. In the past, I often used the products provided by Microsoft to work in the office. However, the application crashed on one day and I could not open it. I downloaded and used the app. After I used it, I found that the app was indistinguishable from Microsoft. The style of this app is all above, and this app is relatively more cost-effective. We can use it for free. I don't want to use other apps.


I spent 2 hours writing a paper that was due the next day i had finished and it literally crashed. there was no save or any evidence that it had ever even existed. SCREW this app. do not download if you are looking for a reliable app to write your paper on. F this stupid app

Work well for me

I am an office clerk whose daily job is to receive emails and process documents. Although these tasks are simple, they are cumbersome. I used to use microsoft software to work in the office. For a while, the work of the APP was quite normal. I didn't know how to do it. When I used wordAPP one day, the system crashed. As a result, my office data was not saved. So I In the APP store above to download the APP, this app can be comparable to microsoft software, it has a large number of styles, allows me to work very easily, even if a lot of documents at the same time, the system will not collapse, and We can try out some of the styles provided by this app for free. These styles are enough for me to handle daily document work.

Great App

I upgraded to Premium. I really like it. It’s very simple to use. It enables you to write, save in several different formats and print, if desired. I have done all of this and it does it all flawlessly. The only thing I can say that I would like to have added to it in the future is selective text positioning. I.e. Bias left, center and bias right. Other than that it’s the most perfect word processor I've ever used and the simplest to use too.

Mac's most important application

One of the most important decisions I made was that I didn't download Microsoft's Word product. I listened to a friend's introduction and downloaded it on Mac. This app is particularly suitable for students, office workers and the like. We can use the simple styles provided by this app for free. These styles are enough for us to make every document. We can add forms, pictures, and even You can change the format of the document to pdf, rtf, text, doc, etc. When we turn in our assignments, this app can guarantee that the style of our document will not change because of the opening method, thus avoiding the professor Problems with students, staff and bosses. Some of the features that the APP has above can be found in Microsoft's word product. Using Microsoft's services, I still need to spend some money, but with this app, I don't have to worry about other issues. I also use this. For such a long time, APP has not encountered any problems. It has affected the use of this APP. Unlike previous Word products, the APP has collapsed in the case of too many operating documents. If you normally use Word for office, this app will be a good choice for you.

My friends are using

The word product was originally used by me to handle document work, because from its introduction, I learned about the functions of this APP, so I downloaded this app. In the daily work, this APP helped me a lot. It has a variety of styles, it will not lead to a single document that I write, I can choose any style to write a document, precisely because the APP is in use, the system is stable, easy to operate, so I will this The APP recommended it to my friends. I feel that they all like to use this app because they all say that the app is really good. It is very convenient to handle documents and it is easy for us to do our daily work.

Make work more efficient

We are in a period of rapid development. We must pursue an efficient pace of life. Using this APP will allow us to more quickly handle the work of the mail and some of the work for the planning and so on. When we were at school, we had to write a lot of documents every day, because this was our after-school homework. When we wrote our own documents differently from others, it was more intuitive, more beautiful, and more able to attract professors. Eyeballs, this way you may be able to get a good score, and more importantly, open the document with this APP, will not change the format of the document, so that when we turned in the work, do not have to worry about the impact of the wrong format of the document. Now that we are working, there are more documents to be processed. We can't use the same format for processing documents, but this APP provides more formats. In this way, we have more choices when dealing with documents, and we are still operating. In the document, it will not be because the number of open documents will increase, APP will produce a phenomenon of stalling, or even crash, with this APP, allows us to have more time to deal with other things.

Functionally stable, rich content

Many people think I recommend this app, so I downloaded it? I can't use words to express my inner excitement. This is a good app. When we receive various documents, we can use this app to open the documents and operate on the documents. This APP first provides various Style, so that we can operate on the document, when we sometimes need to do some special processing on the document, we will find this APP above, there are many styles we have not seen before, often encountered, the operating document is The system will collapse and the processed documents will not be saved. This is a very sad thing. Now that we have this app, we have never encountered such a thing. Thanks to my friend for recommending this app to me.

Professional Word products

We always have to deal with a lot of documents. Choosing a good word product can achieve a multiplier effect. Although there are a lot of Word products on the market, it is most important to choose one that suits you. At first glance, I selected this app from the APP store. First of all, its functional introduction was well written. There is also a very good appraisal. I believe we all use this app. This APP should be good. After we used it, it feels more and more like this app. It's really nice. There are various styles on it. When we are working on a document, we don't need to worry about not finding the style to mark the document.

the best choice

I use this APP as the first choice for my office. The main reason is that this APP provides more styles, there are more choices for processing documents, and secondly, the performance of this APP is relatively stable, and many documents are handled, and it will not lead to system. The collapse caused a bad situation. At present, this app provides a good impression. The use of this app for so long has nothing that has affected my use.

Cant Print without purchasing

Why would I want a document writer if I am unable to print without purchasing the full version for 15$??

Computer is a must

We always download some of the most basic applications on a computer. This application is indispensable to me. We usually deal with a variety of documents, a good tool can do more with less. Compared to other APPs, this APP offers a variety of styles, so this APP has caught my attention. This APP is more convenient to download, the operating system is stable, and more files are processed. It will not crash and affect the operation of the APP. So I have been working on this application.

Essential APP

We always download some of the most basic apps on the computer. This app is indispensable to me. Although there are various word products now, it is this APP that caught my eye. First of all, it offers a variety of styles, as long as you spend a little money can enjoy a better service, want to insert forms, pictures, etc., do not need to go to the material, and this APP download is more convenient, operating system Stability, handling more documents, will not collapse, affect the operation of the APP, so I have been using this app to work.

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