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Easy to use

It gets the job done and is easy to use.

Great experience

We often use Word products provided by microsoft to solve some documents in life, but using Microsoft documents, we need to pay a certain amount of money. There is also an uncertain factor when Word documents are used in more documents. The system is very Unstable, chaos will occur. But since the use of this app, I have discovered that everything has become clear, I can use some of the free styles provided by this APP, and in the process of operation, there has never been any failure, affecting the normal use of the APP , I like to use this APP to process documents because it allows me to solve the problems in my work more efficiently. You can try it out and I believe you will like it too.

Very good tool

I used to rely on Microsoft's tools, but one day when I opened the APP, the APP suddenly stopped working. I was very frustrated. In order to handle the work, I had to download this app on the APP store. After using it, I found this one. APP can be comparable to Microsoft-designed products, and this APP provides a lot of free style, enough for me to complete the daily work, and in my use of the APP for some time, APP has never had any problems, affecting my use, has been It's a good job for me to finish my job. I trust this app.

No one can replace it

The word app is one of the apps we use most often in daily life. When we are in school, we will write reports, graduation projects, and so on. We all need a good word product. In our work, work plans, monthly summaries, etc., we can't miss the word. In the past, I often used the products provided by Microsoft to work in the office. However, the application crashed on one day and I could not open it. I downloaded and used the app. After I used it, I found that the app was indistinguishable from Microsoft. The style of this app is all above, and this app is relatively more cost-effective. We can use it for free. I don't want to use other apps.


I spent 2 hours writing a paper that was due the next day i had finished and it literally crashed. there was no save or any evidence that it had ever even existed. SCREW this app. do not download if you are looking for a reliable app to write your paper on. F this stupid app

Relieved a lot of trouble

Generally speaking, when we are working on a document, we always check the format of the document again and again. When we turn in the assignment to the teacher, we always worry about whether the format is correct. The format of the document will change because of the tool to open the document. This kind of operation is especially bad for us. Now after using this app to manipulate the document, I don't have to worry about this issue. No matter what kind of tool is used to open the document, the format of the document will not change arbitrarily. I have tried it myself several times and nothing has happened.

Work well for me

I am an office clerk whose daily job is to receive emails and process documents. Although these tasks are simple, they are cumbersome. I used to use microsoft software to work in the office. For a while, the work of the APP was quite normal. I didn't know how to do it. When I used wordAPP one day, the system crashed. As a result, my office data was not saved. So I In the APP store above to download the APP, this app can be comparable to microsoft software, it has a large number of styles, allows me to work very easily, even if a lot of documents at the same time, the system will not collapse, and We can try out some of the styles provided by this app for free. These styles are enough for me to handle daily document work.

Great App

I upgraded to Premium. I really like it. It’s very simple to use. It enables you to write, save in several different formats and print, if desired. I have done all of this and it does it all flawlessly. The only thing I can say that I would like to have added to it in the future is selective text positioning. I.e. Bias left, center and bias right. Other than that it’s the most perfect word processor I've ever used and the simplest to use too.

Mac's most important application

One of the most important decisions I made was that I didn't download Microsoft's Word product. I listened to a friend's introduction and downloaded it on Mac. This app is particularly suitable for students, office workers and the like. We can use the simple styles provided by this app for free. These styles are enough for us to make every document. We can add forms, pictures, and even You can change the format of the document to pdf, rtf, text, doc, etc. When we turn in our assignments, this app can guarantee that the style of our document will not change because of the opening method, thus avoiding the professor Problems with students, staff and bosses. Some of the features that the APP has above can be found in Microsoft's word product. Using Microsoft's services, I still need to spend some money, but with this app, I don't have to worry about other issues. I also use this. For such a long time, APP has not encountered any problems. It has affected the use of this APP. Unlike previous Word products, the APP has collapsed in the case of too many operating documents. If you normally use Word for office, this app will be a good choice for you.

Free and powerful

the most appealing aspect of this app is that i use some simple functions provided by this app.some styles are available without spending money,unlike other apps, it costs money to use this, although you can only use some of the simple styles provided by this app,these styles are enough for us to use,we can add some style,some pictures,and some forms to enrich our document.

My friends are using

The word product was originally used by me to handle document work, because from its introduction, I learned about the functions of this APP, so I downloaded this app. In the daily work, this APP helped me a lot. It has a variety of styles, it will not lead to a single document that I write, I can choose any style to write a document, precisely because the APP is in use, the system is stable, easy to operate, so I will this The APP recommended it to my friends. I feel that they all like to use this app because they all say that the app is really good. It is very convenient to handle documents and it is easy for us to do our daily work.

Make work more efficient

We are in a period of rapid development. We must pursue an efficient pace of life. Using this APP will allow us to more quickly handle the work of the mail and some of the work for the planning and so on. When we were at school, we had to write a lot of documents every day, because this was our after-school homework. When we wrote our own documents differently from others, it was more intuitive, more beautiful, and more able to attract professors. Eyeballs, this way you may be able to get a good score, and more importantly, open the document with this APP, will not change the format of the document, so that when we turned in the work, do not have to worry about the impact of the wrong format of the document. Now that we are working, there are more documents to be processed. We can't use the same format for processing documents, but this APP provides more formats. In this way, we have more choices when dealing with documents, and we are still operating. In the document, it will not be because the number of open documents will increase, APP will produce a phenomenon of stalling, or even crash, with this APP, allows us to have more time to deal with other things.

Functionally stable, rich content

Many people think I recommend this app, so I downloaded it? I can't use words to express my inner excitement. This is a good app. When we receive various documents, we can use this app to open the documents and operate on the documents. This APP first provides various Style, so that we can operate on the document, when we sometimes need to do some special processing on the document, we will find this APP above, there are many styles we have not seen before, often encountered, the operating document is The system will collapse and the processed documents will not be saved. This is a very sad thing. Now that we have this app, we have never encountered such a thing. Thanks to my friend for recommending this app to me.

Professional Word products

We always have to deal with a lot of documents. Choosing a good word product can achieve a multiplier effect. Although there are a lot of Word products on the market, it is most important to choose one that suits you. At first glance, I selected this app from the APP store. First of all, its functional introduction was well written. There is also a very good appraisal. I believe we all use this app. This APP should be good. After we used it, it feels more and more like this app. It's really nice. There are various styles on it. When we are working on a document, we don't need to worry about not finding the style to mark the document.

the best choice

I use this APP as the first choice for my office. The main reason is that this APP provides more styles, there are more choices for processing documents, and secondly, the performance of this APP is relatively stable, and many documents are handled, and it will not lead to system. The collapse caused a bad situation. At present, this app provides a good impression. The use of this app for so long has nothing that has affected my use.

Cant Print without purchasing

Why would I want a document writer if I am unable to print without purchasing the full version for 15$??

Computer is a must

We always download some of the most basic applications on a computer. This application is indispensable to me. We usually deal with a variety of documents, a good tool can do more with less. Compared to other APPs, this APP offers a variety of styles, so this APP has caught my attention. This APP is more convenient to download, the operating system is stable, and more files are processed. It will not crash and affect the operation of the APP. So I have been working on this application.

Essential APP

We always download some of the most basic apps on the computer. This app is indispensable to me. Although there are various word products now, it is this APP that caught my eye. First of all, it offers a variety of styles, as long as you spend a little money can enjoy a better service, want to insert forms, pictures, etc., do not need to go to the material, and this APP download is more convenient, operating system Stability, handling more documents, will not collapse, affect the operation of the APP, so I have been using this app to work.


USELESS unless you buy the pro version- YOU CANT EVEN PRINT WHAT YOU TYPE without the pro. It’s a trick to get you to download and start using the free version, but it’s USELESS once you put your info into it! This kind of trickery should be banned from the App Store.

Friends was recommended to me

Because I usually have to deal with a large number of documents, it is necessary to have a good Word tool, my friend recommended this app for me to use, it really is a good APP. This app has more style and more stable system than other APPs. Processing a large number of documents will not cause the system to crash, and the in-progress document can not be saved. This is the biggest for us Injury, but using this APP will not happen this problem.

Very rich content

The app at the beginning of the design, gives a very good feeling. Adding a variety of styles gives us the freedom to choose, though we have to pay a little bit for using one of its styles, but I think it's fair to say that these styles are beyond the reach of other apps, Is the APP-specific, in the process of using, there is no problem, affect my use.

Run well on Mac

This app is my choice in many APP, because it's evaluation is very good. In the process of using, I feel more and more these evaluations are real, because this APP is very convenient when operating a document, it is the first to provide a variety of styles, allowing me freedom of choice, the other is that the system Very solid, use so long time, there is no problem, affect my use, this is an indispensable APP on the Mac.


Now we generally buy one thing, always consider how it's cost-effective, we need not to buy. After I bought this APP, I think it is a good deal. First of all, he offers a variety of styles relative to other products, which gives you the freedom to choose. Second, the most important point is that the stability is good. The APP for some time, there is no collapse of the situation, affecting my use, in the process of using this APP, do not need to worry so much, the system will crash, did not save the document and so on, is A good product.

Worth having

APPs have been used before, but every APP has its own characteristics. Compared with other APPs, this APP is even more attractive to me. First of all, he offers a variety of styles for us to choose from, and then During the operation, there is no problem affecting my use, the system is very stable, which is my most valued, I believe you will like it.

I like it very much

The APP let me process the document, reducing a lot of workload, usually I particularly hate to process the document, because there is no good tool to deal with the document is more trivial, some small areas, they did not pay attention, it is easy to make mistakes, But with this APP, I found it very easy to work with documents that provide a great deal of styling in terms of working with documents, and it's great to support multi-batch documents.

Very convenient

This APP is used to process documents, it is very convenient. Usually we always have to find some styles for ourselves. The APP provides various styles for us to choose and handle the documents. Handy and less workload is required. If there are a lot of documents that need us to handle, we Documents can be manipulated simultaneously and handled without confusion.

Experience is good

I've used a similar Word product before, but the experience that brought me was very bad. When dealing with a lot of documents, the APP is very unstable and prone to some problems. Unless I forcibly leave the APP, the documents are not It's a terrible thing to save, but with this app, I've never experienced this problem for some time. It does not get in the wrong place when dealing with a lot of documents, everything is in order, and I like to use it.

Handle document is great

the app in the process of handing my document, brought a lot of convenience,first of all, he provides a rich style let me choose to deal with the document has more choices, after i let the teacher to submit jobs do not have to worry about the document format is wrong, cause all sorts of troubles.

The effect is great

This APP is very simple to use when it comes to operating a document. Sometimes, when it is very busy, this APP allows us to operate several documents at the same time without error. In the whole process, there are no problems that affect my Normal use, but this APP offers a variety of styles for us to use.

You will love it

This APP is the best APP I have used, processing documents up, very convenient, can handle several documents at the same time without error, used such a long time APP, there is no problem, affect my use, I will recommend this APP to my friend.

Everyone is using

This APP is easier to operate than other APPs. I usually use this tool to process documents. I often use this tool to process documents. Sometimes there are more documents. We can process several documents at once without error. This is much better than other apps. I used to I haven't used this app. I just see people around me. I'm using this VPN. I try to use it myself. It really works.

Very good tool

This APP is handy for other word products than we can handle documents. It offers a wide variety of styles for us to choose from, so that we can make the documentation easy and simple to use. Process, there is no error report affected its use, I really like to use this APP to process documents.

Do not get this app

I downloaded it to open a document in my email that was a simple pdf, this app could not even open it. then to save it as pdf in the app you have to pay $14.99 for pro upgard. Pathetic.


i needed something that worked like an android world but was an apple and this app fit the bill. the transition was so easy. thank you, now i can continue on!

Better than the others

This app in the treatment of document for the above have more style for us to choose,and in the process of using did not show any message ,document also more convenient operation,and not like the rest of the app, document more operator,will appear a style crash.

a real app

I subscribed to this app, it can be used to provide all kinds of style, can do daily document concise and easy,alyhough this app also provide some simple style,but the style is not enough for me, when using this app, don;t have any trouble,is very simple to operate

Better than other products

I also use the other app before he close the product, the other app at run time, always appear all sorts of problems, when the number of processing documents we achieve a bit, can appear the phenomenon of crash, written document cannot be saved,using this word now,i won’t appear such problems.

Reduced work pressure

For daily work is always inseparable from the various document, the processing of products with this work, can let me make a more prefect document and increase the efficiency of works,so i have more time to deal with work encountered in the document, the word product provides kinds of style to let me to deal with document, and i can also use it to provide a series of free style.

app closes on it’s own

I’ve used this app to type up two single page papers already, but while using this app for the 3rd time to type up my physcology assignment, as soon as I got to page two this thing completely shut down on it’s own and I lost all the work I typed up. I’ll never use this thing again.


Can’t print from it without upgrading it is worthless don’t waste your time.

Terrible - waste of time if you want to print

Everything was working great, unitl I got ready to print. A univerally basic function - howver they want you to pay $15.00 to be able to print. If I’m going to buy something, I’ll buy something good.

High practicable

This WordAPP can make us more efficient complete daily document, this APP provides all kinds of style, let's choose, have add form, image, convert document formats, on this APP we deal with documents, no matter what kind of open mode, the style of the document content will not change, so, we hand in the homework in time, you don't have to worry about the problem of format change

A lot of trouble has been solve

This APP in the process of processing documents, I let me avoid a lot of mistakes, this APP in our processing documents, to write documents, modify the format, can easily operate. And when we submit our documents or send to others, the style of the document does not change with the different way of open, it is especially important for us, with this APP don't have to worry about this problem

You can't use a replacement APP

Use this APP in my office, I use this APP to help me solve a lot of problems, save a lot of time is the most important is to reduce a lot of troubles, when we have to deal with the document, click on the APP, can deal with documents and not like the rest of the APP, open the document, the operation document also needs to wait for a period of time, it is annoying for me, and this APP would it be possible for me to handle multiple documents at the same time, reduce the workload and can well deal with the problem, I believe this is the rest of the APP can't provide

I like it very much

This APP is what I used to deal with daily documents, with this APP, I found that with the APP before it is too bad to use, click on the APP, the APP can work, we can deal with documents, not like the rest of the APP, open also need a period of time, and this APP has a lot of can choose format, you can add a lot for the document format, so that it is beautiful and easy

It really works well

After I use this APP is the rest of the APP download, use after a period of time, I want to say that this APP is really too good, it can make me a quick operation document, without having to wait for a period of time, and the most important thing is that, even if multiple documents operation, this APP will not melt easily, also don't like any other APP, operation of the document, the APP is a problem, unless forced to shut down, to solve the problem

Irreplaceable APP

This APP relative to the other APP, use rise more convenient, more quick processing documents, because this APP design is good, open this APP does not need to spend a long time, can open, processing documents, the APP can support handle multiple documents, at the same time without errors, thus improving the efficiency of our work, I believe that the rest of the APP can't do it, so I will have been using this APP

You can't miss an APP

This APP in my usual life, gave me great help, a document written in this APP, no matter use what opened the way to open, the file format is not an error occurs, this makes my homework easier, the APP with a variety of formats, can add a lot of different things, for the document to the document become different, when I use this APP to provide some simple functions, this APP is free, can be at ease use, don't worry about anything, is why some of the above, let me continue to use this APP.

Corrupts your work

My first couple times it worked out ok, but a three page document turned out to be more than this app could handle. Nothing fancy, no tables or special styles or anything, but as I was formatting, the second page was no longer visible and even after I got it to work and saved as .docx, when I tried to open the saved document from the desktop the app didn’t even open, just hung with that spinning wheel of death. Tried three times, had to force quit three times. After I restarted my machine (MacBook Pro, bought a couple weeks ago), i tired to open the document again and got it to open, only to find that the formatting was completely off, again. Hopefully I can find another app with a more seamless experience, this one just wasted my time

An irreplaceable APP

I download from the APP, now has a long period of time, this APP is irreplaceable in my opinion, when I use this APP to handle documents, I found this APP is more convenient to use and operate the APP to add document format, it is very simple, this APP has so many function modules, let's choose, and as we use this APP just provide some simple method, it is free of charge, this is very important

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